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         Virtual University
The Virtual University was developed to have the look and feel of a real university from 3D renderings. Students and lecturers, represented as avatars, are able to interact using global communications. A Lecturer as an avatar can deliver a lecture on a presentation screen. Students can interact and complete group projects in virtual meeting rooms.

Some of virtual university features are described below:
Virtual time-table
Used to present actual schedule in html format, with lections preview.

Lection rooms
Provide slide-boards to present static images, animated or video content for groups of students.

Simple chatrooms
Allow communications of students in small groups.

File sharing
Users can share any files, which look like 3D iconed object on the floor of the room.

White boards
Contain a tool, which allows users to place a text and images on the board, according to one of the predefined layouts. There are also three pieces of chock for colored line drawing.

Lection commenting...
Every lecture is saved, and students can discuss it later with the use of texts and sounds.

and corresponding RSS-feeds with podcasting
Lecture discussing is presented as RSS feeds and contains podcasts.

Web lection designer
The lecturer can create his/her own virtual lectures in simple Web-interface.

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