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         Virtual Collaborative Learning Environments

Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment: Chemistry
The aim of Collaborative Molecular builder is construction of 3D molecular structures by selecting atoms and bonds from libraries. Two nano-robots, acting as students avatars, can build new molecules by adding and modifying single atoms and bonds.
Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment: Physics
In the Collaborative Learning Environment for physics, students work together to accomplish the task of leveling the disk by moving the ladybirds. It helps investigate the static equilibrium equations for mechanical systems.

Virtual University
The Virtual University was developed to have the look and feel of a real university from 3D renderings. Students and lecturers,represented as avatars, are able to interact using global communications. A Lecturer as an avatar can deliver a lecture on a presentation screen. Students can interact and complete group projects in virtual meeting rooms.

Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment: History
A Virtual Time Trip is made by two learners, represented by avatars, to Russia at the beginning of the 19th century ("The Great Patriotic War of 1812"). In the village of Fili near Moscow the Field-marshal Mikhail Kutuzov is holding the headquarters counsel before abandoning Moscow.

Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment: Literature
A Virtual Trip to the Russian classic novel "Fathers and Sons" by Ivan Turgenev is made by two learners, represented by avatars. The main story centers round two young men and their relationship with their families.

Virtual Collaborative Language Learning Environment
Virtual Collaborative Environment provides rich extra-linguistic context to assist in foreign language learning. The unique expressive and communicative possibilities of avatars can serve as catalysts of integrated language learning through verbal and affective interaction with learners.

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